American Car Care


6412 Manatee Ave West, Bradenton, FL

Full Service Car Wash

Interior Vacuumed
Dash & Console Dusted
Soft Cloth Exterior Wash
Exterior Towel Dried & Detailed

Fresh ‘N Shine’

Full Service Car Wash
Under Chassis Wash
Sealer Wax
Air Freshener

The Works

Full Service Car Wash
ARMOR ALL on Tires
Polish ‘N Wax
Under Chassis Wash
Air Freshener

The Ultimate

The Works, PLUS…
Interior & Exterior ARMOR ALL
(Does not include top)

One Step Waxing

Full Service Car Wash
Top Quality hand wax applied
Under chassis wash & rust inhibitor
ARMOR ALL Protectant on tires
Air Freshener
(For Vehicles with paint in good condition)

Two Step Wax Process

Full Service Car Wash
Removal of tar and oil
Top qaulity hand wax applied
Under chassis wash & rust inhibitor
Wheels cleaned and brightened
Remove oxidation and restore paint
Door jambs cleaned
ARMOR ALL Protectant applied
Trunk vacuumed
Vinyl tops cleaned & dressed with “Vinylex”

Carpet Shampooing

Dirt Extracted
Special attention to heavily soiled areas
Full service Car Wash

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Serving the Bradenton, FL area for over 14 years.

From Downtown Bradenton:
North on 14th St W/41/Tamiami trail toward 12th Ave W
Turn left on 8th Ave W
Turn right at Virginia Dr W
Turn left at Manatee Ave W/SR-64



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